A decentralized and transparent grants program for the Neo ecosystem

Neo thrives through the initiatives of many individuals and not by a single authority. GrantShares goal is to encourage individual contributors to materialise their ideas on Neo. It does that by allowing anyone to propose a project and get funding through a decentralized and on-chain decision process.

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  • Who is GrantShares for?

    Who is GrantShares for?

    GrantShares aims at being a more agile and diverse extension of other Neo grant programs. By involving key community members in the decision process we gain a wider perspective on which projects are valuable to Neo.

    Support is not only focused on technical projects but also on work that includes marketing, documentation, tutorials, research, and more. Grant sizes are kept relatively small. The cap is determined by the governance process. Larger projects should still apply for grants with the Neo Eco Support programs.

  • GrantShares is a DAO

    GrantShares is a DAO

    GrantShares is built as a DAO and serves as a reference implementation for its kind on the Neo blockchain.

    Any on-chain action taken by the DAO has to pass voting by its members. Proposals are not restricted to requests for funding, but can contain any set of on-chain invocations. Therefore, GrantShares acts as an example for a generic and versatile governance mechanism, which can be employed by several use cases.

Funding Categories

GrantShares can support you in a whole host of different areas

  • Community Growth
    Community Growth
    • Meet-ups
    • Workshops
    • Hackathons
    • Competitions
    • Talks
    • Branding
    • UX/UI Design
    • Marketing
    • Copywriting
  • dApps & Integrations
    dApps & Integrations
    • Games
    • DAOs
    • DeFi
    • Identity
    • Wallets
    • Marketplaces
    • Insurance
    • Social
  • Developer Tooling
    Developer Tooling
    • Contract Libraries
    • Contract Templates
    • IDE Plugins
    • Editor Extensions
    • SDKs
    • Tooling Docs
    • Tooling Tutorials

Proposal Process

A successful proposal runs through the following steps
  • Create & Discuss Proposal

    Create & Discuss Proposal

    • Create a proposal on the GrantShares dApp. Give it a title, description, and add intents like "send 10 NEO to my address".
    • The dApp creates a GitHub issue on the GrantShares repository where the discussion takes place.
  • Push to chain

    Push to chain

    • When you're confident that the GrantShares members will support your proposal, you can push it on-chain through the GrantShares dApp.
    • The proposal is created on Neo via the GrantShares contract and waits for a member to endorse it.
  • Members vote on Proposal

    Members vote on Proposal

    • Once the proposal is endorsed, it is open for voting by the GrantShares members.
    • When the voting phase is over and the proposal is accepted it gets queued for a short period of time (i.e., time lock) before the proposal can be executed.
  • Execute Proposal

    Execute Proposal

    • An accepted proposal can now be executed by anyone.
    • This leads to the actions mentioned in the proposal, for example, the release of a grant.

How to apply

  • 1
    Go to the dApp page

    Go to the dApp page, log in with your GitHub account, and click on “Create Proposal”.

  • 2
    Write your proposal

    Enter a title and a detailed description of your proposal, as well as desired funding amount and receiving Neo address.

  • 3
    Submit your proposal to be discussed by the community

    Submit the form! A GitHub issue will be created where your proposal will be discussed by the community.

  • 4
    On chain voting after off-chain discussion

    Done! After the off-chain discussion and on-chain voting you can claim your grant!

Frequently Asked Questions

The big questions answered

Where is the funding coming from?

The GrantShares program was started with the Neo Foundation as a partner and the first funder. But, anyone can become a funder of the GrantShares treasury. It's imporant to note that you cannot send tokens to the GrantShares treasury without first being added as a funder.

Why is GrantShares a permissioned DAO?

The goal was to bootstrap a community-driven grants mechanism as soon as possible. The Neo Foundation agreed to supply funds to the program as its first funder, but, without claiming the decision power over where the funds are spent. Thus, whoever is deciding over the funds' distribution doesn't have a direct stake in the money. This makes it hard to establish incentives for the DAO members to spend the money wisely and in favour of Neo's growth. It was, therefore, decided that only a well known and trusted group of long-term Neo contributors should be part of the initial DAO members and have the power to vote on proposals. Those members can decide, together, if new members should be added in the future (through proposals).

What types of proposals can I create?

The dApp web page allows you to choose between a fixed set of proposals, currently restricted to "Request for Funding". In the future the dApp will support additional proposal types, e.g., adding a new member, changing DAO parameters, etc. Technically, the GrantShares smart contracts allow you to create any kind of proposals on-chain. It's a generic governance mechanism. But, directly creating a proposal on-chain bypassing the dApp web page implies that your proposal will probably not be seen by GrantShares members and, therefore, not broadly discussed and ultimately not accepted.

Who can create proposals on-chain?

The dApp web page only allows the creator of a proposal to also push it on-chain. Technically, the GrantShares contracts could be used without the dApp web page, meaning that anyone is able to create proposals directly on-chain. But, the dApp is also used to perform some coordination between the smart contracts and GitHub issues. Therefore, simply creating a proposal on-chain and, thereby, bypassing the dApp will probably leave your proposal unnoticed.

How long does it take from proposal submission to actually getting the funds?

This depends mostly on the discussion happening on GitHub and the interest of the community in your proposal. Once the proposal is on-chain and endorsed by a member it will move through the voting and time lock phases. The time period of each of these phases are configurable in the governance smart contract and depends on their current setting.

What happens if no GrantShares member endorses my on-chain proposal?

An on-chain proposal requires the endorsement of a GrantShares member to move into the voting phase. Until that happens, your proposal is idle and voting on it is not possible. If a proposal remains idle for too long, it gets automatically cancelled.

I want to become a GrantShares funder. What should I do?

Funders are added and removed via a proposal - like everything else on GrantShares. You cannot send tokens to the treasury contract without first being accepted as a funder. An “Add Funder” proposal goes through the same process as any other proposal. We will add this functionality to the dApp soon. In the meantime, contact us in the Neo Discord server if you're interested in becoming a funder.

I want to become a GrantShares member. What should I do?

Anyone can become a GrantShares member through a successful proposal. Currently, that proposal type is not enabled in the dApp page but will become available in the future. In the meantime, contact us in the Neo Discord server if you're interested in becoming a member.